Bangla Encoding Converter

An easy to use tool that is especially created for those who need to convert Bangla documents to either ANSI or UNICODE standards.

Aparajeyo Bangla Converter is a straightforward solution developed for those who are looking to convert Bangla text from the ANSI to UNICODE standard and vice versa. With this tool you can quickly convert both small and large documents without the need of any special skills.

A user-friendly interface that showcases practicality

Aparajeyo Bangla Converter displays a good looking interface which makes it rather appealing and easy to use. There’s actually nothing complicated about it.

From its main window you are able to paste the source text and convert it, or load an entire document for the same result. Once the file is open in the app you can view its content and even edit it. Moreover, the app allows you to choose a new font type, style and size which is then applied to the conversion.

ANSI to UNICODE and back in a simple manner

With this program, you can convert Bangla text between the two standards effortlessly. The conversion tasks are made available in the main window and can be accessed with a simple click.

Since the conversion takes place automatically when you load the text, all that’s left for you to do is change the font and its characteristics if you want, or simply save the text on your computer as a TXT file.

To make sure that the font is the exact one you want or need, Aparajeyo Bangla Converter displays its information in a section of the main window.

A simple converter for text standards

To sum things up, Aparajeyo Bangla Converter is easy to use and quick to do its job which makes it a practical and reliable tool.